Below are just a few of the testimonials that we have received from some of our many happy customers.


To Whom It May Concern:

Palm Builders helped to make my home my absolute ‘dream’ home.  They made a very anxious/nerve wracking project(s), a complete positive experience.  I had been through two other builders over the last five years and had given up on remodeling projects.  I met Tim and his team through mutual friends and could not have been happier.

Tim, Dave and Dan, were thorough, relentlessly perfectionists and helped me to make decisions on the job that were in my best interest.  They were here at 7:00 am EVERY morning.  I was told that the 1st phase would take 7 months – no way, they were done in less that 6 months.  That is exactly why I went immediately into Phase 2 so I wouldn’t lose them.  Best decision I could have made. Phase 2 went as smoothly as Phase 1, and again, here every morning at 7:00 am, finished 1.5 months early.

The draws were as discussed and always within schedule.  If there was a slight deviation, we had a meeting.  I NEVER had a ‘surprise bill’.  

My home was originally 1800 square feet, typical ranch house.  Now, it is a 3700+, Mediterranean, 2 story, game room, 1000 square foot Master Suite.  Dave Austin and Dan Gainey are the masters of detail.  Because of their experience and truly honest suggestions, they helped each step of the way to make little changes to an incredible home.

It is unfortunate that we hear about the bad guys out there, that take your money and run, the ones that don’t care and their work shows it.  This team reinforces your beliefs in the good guys.  They resolved my belief in ethics in the construction business.

I forgot to mention, I work out of my house and they were as considerate as possible to my conference calls, schedules, etc.  They put up walls so I could continue to live within my existing home and not have the inconvenience and expenses of moving out during the renovation.

If I could build a third story, I would know who to call.  I would be happy to be a reference to anyone thinking of taking on a big or small construction project, and needs some reassurance of a good contractor.


Donna P. 


Dear Tim:

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for your efforts on our recent remodeling project at the house.

Having been in the commercial building industry for the past 17 years, I fully understand how difficult it is to find good people who provide good quality work at fair prices.  We feel that you delivered all three of those at our house.

One of the other attributes that I give you tremendous credit for is what I consider the “care” factor.  You cared about the project; you cared about the quality of the project; and you cared about how well it came out.  In today’s world that’s very rare to find, so I thank you for that.  That caring will be your trait that will continue to make you successful.

If I can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to call us.


Thomas S.


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a favorable reference for Palm Builders Suncoast, Inc.

My wife, and I, employed Palm Builders to do extensive remodeling of an older home that we purchased in Largo.  The remodeling took place during the fall of 2005 and the winter of 2006.  The project involved:

·          Renovating existing wall problems

·          Cutting and installing new windows

·          Cutting and installing a new doorwall entrance to our lanai

·          Removing a fireplace, bar

·          Elevating of a kitchen ceiling

·          And various other related improvements.

We found that the team, from Tim on down, whom we got to know as friends, did excellent work.  Specifically, they were professional, on-time, adeptly coordinated sub-contractors, were courteous, shared invaluable tips from their vast reservoir of experience and set, as far as we are concerned, the gold standard for any future remodelers to match.

We have no hesitation in recommending them for remodeling work that you may be considering.

Dennis and Pattie H.


Dear Tim,

We purchased a new home in December of 1996.  It was built and then moved into it in May 1997.  We wanted to build a family room from the beginning and since the original builder declined to do so Palm Builders was recommended to us.  Right from the start I had a feeling that they would be the contractor for our family room.

As it turned out, they gave us the most professional estimate and the best price.  The quality of the work speaks for itself.  The addition has the appearance of being built with the original house as we had hoped.

We couldn’t be happier with a  job well done and we will recommend Palm Builders unconditionally to anyone.  Please feel free to use this letter as a reference, and if you need any information or would like to show our addition please call us.


James & Despina S.


Dear Tim:

I have been remiss in letting you know how pleased we are with the work Palm Builders did with our 2nd floor addition.  Given the age of our house, our project presented many challenges; from strengthening the floor system to updating the electrical system.  You and your team worked very closely with us and were always very conscientious of our comfort during the renovation.

What impressed me most about Palm Builders is the professionalism and quality of your team and subcontractors.  Your estimate was the most professional, thorough and cost effective of all that we reviewed.  All of your team did excellent work and were very considerate to ensure we were comfortable during the renovation.  We constantly receive complements on the addition and inquiries as to who did the work.  I am happy to recommend Palm Builders to anyone who wants a quality job.

I have enclosed photos of the finished work and I think you would agree it is a wonderful addition.  Thank you for your hard work and please include this as a letter of reference for your fine work.

Yours truly,

Stephen P.


 Dear Tim,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your fine work associated with our garage and driveway additions recently completed by your company.  Even with all of the complexities that developed over the course of construction, your workmanship and attention to detail has made the outcome of this project better than we ever realized.  Thanks also for standing behind your work when very frustrating and difficult circumstances developed with an extremely uncooperative and disappointing sub-contractor.  You truly showed that your professionalism and reputation are outstanding as promised.  You really went out of your way to make this job complete to our satisfaction.  I will look forward to future plans for expansion with your fine company and will be happy to recommend you to anyone who asks in the future.  Take care and hope to see you soon!

Thanks again,

Rick & Trish M.


Dear Palm Builders:

We would like to thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on our addition.  We would be happy to recommend you all to anyone and everyone!  We already have recommended you.  We were very happy with the quality and efficiency of your work.  We were impressed with all the sub contractors you hired and the professionalism they all portrayed.  Your work is fast and conscientious; always putting your customer ahead of all else.  Our house received the Snell Isle Beautification Award after our addition was completed, partially due to the fact that our addition looked so good!  Thank you all so much for everything.

We would highly recommend you all to everyone!

Thanks again for doing such an incredible job.


Mark and Tiffany L. 


Dear Tim,

On June 1st 2007, the official start of hurricane season, our saferoom was the lead story on Fox 13 News.  We are proud to be leading the way in taking personal responsibility to the forefront of hurricane preparedness.  We know the importance of being part of the solution after a storm event and not part of the problem and that is the reason we decided to build a saferoom.

We also know that we could never feel as confident and safe as we do had it not been for the excellent workmanship provided by Palm Builders.  Palm Builders did quality work throughout every step of building our saferoom.  The crew, lead by Dave, was efficient, professional, well prepared and very easy to get along with.  The entire experience, from start to finish, was very satisfying.

To top it all off, working with Neila in the office was always a joy.  I felt that she was very organized and knowledgeable.  Neila is a great asset to your operation.

Thank you for everything.  We would never hesitate to recommend Palm Builders.  You have a quality company with quality people working for you.

Warm Regards,

Chris and Lou 


We couldn’t afford to buy a larger home in today’s market.  So we had Palm Builders add onto our current home.  Tim came and listened to our vision, added some marvelous suggestions and even recommended an affordable architect that took our ideas to paper.

Once Tim walked our paperwork thru permitting, the build began.

Our home went from 640 square feet to just over 1,200.  We doubled our spare bedroom and also gained a large studio for my husband along with a ‘great room’ for living, dining and entertaining.  And….we no longer have a flat roof!

We have just finished hosting my husband’s office Christmas gathering.  Everyone was so comfortable in the house.  Lee’s boss could not believe how well the old and new were seamlessly blended.  We have to explain what we had before because you can’t tell where the old house stopped and the ‘addition’ began.

We are thrilled.  Palm Builders made a fantastic build.  They respected our property and were mindful of our plantings.  We recommend Palm Builders whole-heartedly to anyone, for any project.  They will do it right!


Jerri and Lee 

Dear Tim,

Back in 1995 you built an addition (bedroom) on a home that we do not currently own.  The addition came out beautiful and we were very happy with it.  My husband and I decided that in the future if we moved into another house that needed an addition that you would get the job.

The addition that was added on in the current home we own, is a family room, bedroom, bathroom, one car garage and a patio.  My husband and I could not believe how beautiful it came out.  We were blown away and so are our family and friends.

Tim, you and your crew are so awesome and we would not hesitate to use you again.  We would highly recommend you to anyone who needs any kind of addition or remodeling done.  You and your crew also did a lot of extra things that you did not have to do and we certainly appreciate that.  Thank you for your professionalism and the great job.


Chris and Vicki G.


Dear Tim:

I would like to thank you again for assisting me in solving another ‘space’ problem.  The garage has surpassed all expectations, and is the envy of the neighborhood.  It is nice to finally have all of the “projects” in one location.

I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised.  The quality of work on this job was as high as it was on the one completed previously.  I continue to recommend you to friends and neighbors, and you should feel free to use me as a reference.  To assist, I have provided several pictures.  

Thanks again for being my builder of choice, and I look forward to the next “project”!

Very truly yours,

Samuel P. L.